Thursday, February 4, 2016

February 4, 1 Samuel 1:20-28

February 4, 1 Samuel 1:20-28

Hannah brings Samuel to The Lord with the required sacrifice. A bull three years old and an ephah of flour.  So what is an ephah you ask, seven and a half gallons.  That's a lot of flour.  Hannah has kept her vow, bringing Samuel to God for service.   The text says 'weaned' him which could mean a variety of things.  We'll see in the next chapter a little better what this probably meant. But consider Hannah's commitment to God, she takes her first child and before he's grown gives him to the priest to serve God. That had to be hard to do.  That's a high level of commitment, something rarely seen today.

Today's workout, cardio intervals.  Step, jump rope, windmill, burpees, plank, step over. 36 intervals.

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