Tuesday, March 1, 2016

March 1, 1 Samuel 11:5-11

March 1, 1 Samuel 11:5-11

Saul was proclaimed to be king in the last chapter yet he goes home and plows fields again.  It leaves some questions on what he thought the king should do. Perhaps the power of the position hasn't yet corrupted him.   It certainly is a positive thing and an example of leadership when he sends out a general call to Israel to come and save their brothers.
And God's spirit comes upon Saul to accomplish what is needed.  God is confirming that this is the man He wants to be king.  I believe that at times when God's people are seeking Him and His righteousness that God will provide a righteous and upright king, then at those times when people are self absorbed He'll let them have what they want, a selfish and base king.
The issue of slaughtering an ox and sending pieces seems very odd.  I've read some commentaries and the best I could discern is that as the ox was very valuable, killing it was a significant sacrifice and the message was one of desperation.  It also signified that lives were in danger.  Although to be a messenger carrying a piece of rotting meat wouldn't be a fun job.

Today's workout, Chest-shoulders, 36 intervals. high knees, push up, windmill, T, jump rope, bench dip.

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