Thursday, March 10, 2016

March 10, 1 Samuel 14:36-42

March 10, 1 Samuel 14:36-42

Here's just 6 verses but a lot happening here.  Saul is so obsessed with fighting the Philistines that after dinner he wants to continue the battle, at night, in the dark.  Surprising that his troops are actually willing to follow him.  He does the first right thing all day, he calls the priest and asks God but God doesn't answer, or maybe the answer was simply no.  Saul is convinced that God hasn't answered because someone in the camp sinned.  Duh of course someone sinned, that's the nature of man but someONE's  has nothing to do with God not answering.  Maybe it was the bloody flesh they ate, or Saul disobeying God by erecting an altar of sacrifice.  I have a commentary that translates Saul's question to God not of who has sinned but of who has disobeyed the king.  Jonathan is taken because according to the question he was disobedient to Saul's command. 

Today's workout  Push. Step, push-up, jacks, squat, windmill, hug, lunge, dip. 40 intervals.

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