Friday, March 11, 2016

March 11, 1 Samuel 14:43-52

March 11, 1 Samuel 14:43-52 

Finishing up the chapter today, a long time in this one. When it comes to general knowledge that Jonathan ate the honey Saul actually wants to kill his own son, just to save his pride in the curse he pronounced. At least the people had enough sense to stop that stupidity. But how many men (and women) today make stupid decisions and carry them out just to save their pride? The rest of the chapter tells taht through the rest of Saul's time as king he fought the Philistines. He is lauded for taking on the biggest ones, though we'll see that's not always true. Yet all these years of war are simply because he was disobedient to God. 

Today's workout, cardio 30 intervals. Step, climber, windmill, speed skater, jump rope. 

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