Monday, March 14, 2016

March 14, 1 Samuel 15:17-24

March 14, 1 Samuel 15:17-24

Finishing this chapter several things to note.  First that Saul doesn't say my God or our God but your God.  I think this significant, did Saul ever totally give himself to God?  Saul pleads innocent, claiming that he did what was told but the people disobeyed.  Samuel tells Saul in essence that as the king he is responsible for the people.  In verse 25 Saul asks Samuel to pardon his sin, not God, again wondering if Saul was committed to God.  As Samuel turns to leave Saul grabs him, tearing Samuel's robe. But he  wasn't grabbing Samuel for repentance to God, Saul wanted Samuel to stand by him for political reasons, today we would call it a photo op.  The attitudes of worldly kings hasn't changed, they all want people of influence standing by them. But here's the bigger issue, three times in this chapter Saul says YOUR God.  Do you say that, or do you say MY God.  He wants to be your own personal God, with an intimate relationship.  He loves you, more than you can ever understand, let him be your God.

Today's workout. Pull, 40 intervals.  High knees, row, jacks, hamstrings, windmills, pull-up, box hop, bicep curl.

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