Friday, March 18, 2016

March 18, 1 Samuel 17:12-18

March 18, 1 Samuel 17:12-18

There have been commentaries on this section about the time-line being wrong or that this section was not in the original documents.  We're introduced to David here but we were already introduced when Samuel anointed him.  So there may be a time line problem.  It seems that the writer is trying to introduce us to David but we already met him.  It does give us more insight into the family.  It also may give us more understanding about the ages and reinforces that David was quite young and couldn't serve in the army.  A recent TV series shows David as a grown man fighting Goliath but the scripture clearly states otherwise.  He had childlike faith.  

Today's workout. Pull, 40 intervals.  High knees, row, jacks, hamstrings, windmills, pull-up, box hop, bicep curl.

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