Monday, March 21, 2016

March 21, Easter week days 1 and 2 Mark 11:1-26

March 21, Easter week days 1 and 2 Mark 11:1-26

As this is Easter week I am taking a detour to look at those events, as many others will also.
Yesterday was palm Sunday, the day of Jesus' entry to Jerusalem.  Most churches would have focused on that event, Jesus came in riding on a donkey.  Like a modern ruler arriving in a limousine.  But he doesn't stay in the city long, returning to his friends' house in Bethany.
I think it significant that He spends this last week with His closest friends.  On Monday He returns to the temple and chases out the vendors. It was and still is against The Law to transact business in God's temple.  He also curses the fig tree. The fig tree, having it's leaves, was displaying  a fruitful condition yet bore none.   It's been used as an example of any people or person that claims to be fruitful for God yet upon examination they are not.  And this examination is by Christ Himself, there are many places where He tells us those who are not fruitful will be destroyed.

Today's workout. Cardio 30 intervals.  Step, climbers, windmills, jump rope, squat.

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