Tuesday, March 22, 2016

March 22, Easter week, Tuesday Mark 11:27- Mark 12:12

March 22, Easter week, Tuesday  Mark 11:27- Mark 12:12

Jesus spends most of this day in the temple teaching.  If you knew when you would die what wisdom would you want to teach in the last days?  We get a glimpse of what  is truly important.  The religious leaders challenged His authority, failing to recognize how or by whom He did what He did.
It's OK to question Jesus but when presented with the obvious answer one must recognize the truth.
For pride and position they refused to do so.  This is the chief problem with man, pride.  The parable of the tenants brings hope to the gentiles, the word of God was initially given to the Jews to spread through the world.  Christ Himself came to spread that word and offer eternal hope.
I think these truths are important, to know Jesus has the authority of God and that He is the only hope for this world.

Today's workout, 40 intervals Push. Step, push-up, jacks, squat, windmill, hug, lunge, dip

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