Thursday, March 24, 2016

March 24, Easter week, Thursday Mark 14

March 24, Easter week, Thursday Mark 14

Every now and then there are days which are so filled with activity we wonder how we could fit it all in.  Thursday is one of those days.  But one event stands out to me.  We begin with Jesus sending two to prepare for the passover.  Think about this miracle, they are to meet a certain man with a pitcher of water and this man will just happen to have a vacant room. Different commentaries have varied views, Passover was the most important Jewish holiday and they were required to go to Jerusalem to celebrate.  There could be from 150,000 to 1 million people in the surrounding area camped in tent cities.  To find a place in the city at the last minute is certainly a miracle.  The preparations would take most of the day, there was no cold storage, the lamb would be bought live and needed to be dressed, along with all the other dinner items.  These two disciples might be preparing a meal for more than 20 people.  We know only that Jesus and the 12 were there but what about Lazarus, Mary, Martha and Peter's wife or mother in law?  These people were also close to Jesus.  The Passover meal is what stands out to me, in it Jesus institutes communion, He extends the covenant made between God and Abraham through that first sacrificial lamb by substituting Himself for the last lamb. Most gentiles don't get this but the bread that Jesus broke at the Passover represented that first lamb, it also represented the lamb that Moses sacrificed on the first Passover. So when we receive communion, we receive Christ plus we are included in the promise from God to Abraham.  That is a significant event.

Today's workout. Pull, 40 intervals.  High knees, row, jacks, hamstrings, windmills, pull-up, box hop, bicep curl.

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