Friday, March 25, 2016

March 25, Easter week, Friday Mark 15

March 25, Easter week, Friday Mark 15

Today is called Good Friday but that's because we know what it all meant.  At the time I see very little good happening.  Jesus is brought before Pilot and Pilot is faced with the most important question ever asked, What will you do with Jesus?  Pilot chose wrong yet his choice sets the events in motion.  No matter what Pilot chose Christ was going to die this day.  Another long day with a lot happening.  Jesus is beaten several times, dragged around the city and physically abused.  Finally he is brought to Calvary and hung on a cross.  The crowds come to watch the spectacle, some for entertainment, some in great sorrow, many in confusion.  This was supposed to be the messiah, how can He deliver Israel if He is killed?  And then for three hours it is dark.  It doesn't say there was an eclipse but it was dark.  I think back to the story in Exodus how the darkness covered Egypt but Goshen had light.  I think this was a palpable darkness, total absence of light. The Light of the world is hanging on a cross and people came to watch like a show.  God says NO, this is a private matter that you don't get to see. As all of the sins of man are placed upon Jesus, the evil and ugliness is hidden in the dark, and God the father leaves His son as He cannot abide the presence of sin.  Jesus is alone, in that moment divinity has left Him, he feels deserted by God yet He is prepared for this.  He takes on sin as a man and wins, it has to be this way in order to fulfill The Law yet to those around they don't understand as Jesus dies.  The crowd that was excited before is now somber, the earth has shaken, the temple veil has been torn, events of this day will shake time itself.  Some of Jesus' friends run in fear, others beg for His body to be taken down and prepared for burial.  Such love and sorrow to wrap the body of the God Man and place him in a tomb.  I pose this question to you today, what will you do with Jesus?

Today's workout, cardio 30 intervals.  Jump rope, climbers, windmills, step-over, squat.

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