Sunday, March 27, 2016

March 27, Easter Sunday, Mark 16

March 27, Easter Sunday, Mark 16

A man who was dead got up out of the grave and walked around. So many people today believe that Jesus is just a myth yet there is so much evidence to the contrary. It's indisputable that He lived and was crucified, the world tried to disprove the resurrection in the first century. All they needed was a body but there wasn't one. The grave was sealed and guarded yet on that day there was no-one there. He met with His friends, was seen by crowds and although the Romans and Jews tried to disprove the testimony, none would recant. All of Jesus' disciples but John were killed for their faith. What man would be willing to die for a lie? Perhaps 1 but 11? And today, in places all around the globe Christians are killed for not renouncing their faith, it's because only He has the words of life. Do you want to know if He really got up and walked, just ask Him He'll let you know.

Because He lives I have hope for eternity, because He lives whosoever will may come to God and ask forgiveness.  

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