Monday, March 28, 2016

March 28, 1 Samuel 18:1-16

March 28, 1 Samuel 18:1-16

The natural man is driven by base emotions, not the least of which is ego. Something that can creep up on any of us. People can be working towards the same goal and when one has more success, instead of looking at the success as a group victory it becomes an area of jealousy. This was certainly Saul's problem, he should have simply rejoiced in David's successes against Israel's enemies. The first section of this chapter, dealing with David's relationship with Jonathan, many have tried to take this and claim it was homosexual. There is nothing to indicate this in any way. These men were simply of similar spirit and the closest possible friends. We define the word friend fairly broadly today, I use the term rather sparingly in my own life. I have few real friends and I can only remember two in my lifetime that were real close, aside from my wife who is and has been my closest friend for 31 years. It's a rare thing for two people, be they opposite or the same sex to have that deep a relationship which is not sexual. It requires a spirit of humility and no guile. There are no secrets in a relationship that deep, all fears, failures and successes are shared. That's the relationship that God wants with all of us. Jesus told His disciples 'you are my friends', that intimate personal relationship is possible with Him.

Today's workout. Recovering from shoulder surgery. A 1 mile walk and physical therapy. 
Maybe a stationary bike ride. 

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