Thursday, March 3, 2016

March 3, 1 Samuel 12

March 3, 1 Samuel 12

There are three different items I want to look at in this chapter.  While Samuel may have been guilty of pride, he was an upright and righteous man, no-one cold lay any charge against him. That's something for all of us to strive for, that no-one can lay any charge against us.  Then he gives a history lesson, God lead them out of Egypt, then they disobeyed and were enslaved.  They cried out to God and he rescued them, again the left God and were slaved.  The cycle continued.  Samuel is giving a warning, Israel's king was to be God alone, by choosing to have a king they've again turned away from God.  So logic should indicate that they'd soon be slaves again.  It was also a warning, I think right up till that moment they could have said no we don't want a king, God is our king and things would've been different.  But from the disobedience God sends the heavy rains, and even after that they still don't repent of wanting a king. 

Today's workout, 30 intervals legs. Step up, squat, windmill, lunge, jump rope.

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