Saturday, March 5, 2016

March 5, 1 Samuel 13:8-23

March 5, 1 Samuel 13:8-23

There is something missing between verses 7 and 8, apparently Samuel told Saul that they'd meet at a certain place and time, so when Samuel doesn't show, Saul acted as priest. WRONG! The offices of king and priest are to be separate except for when Jesus returns and He is both. Saul's excuses sound like so many of my own, I really didn't want to do it but I just couldn't wait any longer. This disobedience will cost Saul the kingdom. We see more of Saul's character, an impatient willful man.

And there are other elements that we don't have explanations for, Saul began with a force of 3000 but ends with just 600, and the people of Israel did not have typical weapons of warfare although one could assume that at least some of these men found weapons when they defeated the Philistine garrison at Geba. There is also a discrepancy in the number of Philistine chariots, some texts read 30000 and others 3000, the latter is more likely. An army of 3000 chariots and 6000 horsemen and infantry is much more plausible.

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