Monday, March 7, 2016

March 7, 1 Samuel 14:16-23

March 7, 1 Samuel 14:16-23

Try to picture this, Saul and his forces are hiding in caves from which they can see the enemy.
For some unknown reason the enemy camp is in confusion running around.  Saul makes the assumption that some of his troops have attacked.  He also seeks council from the priest when he calls for the ark.  But before the priest can give an answer, the conditions in the Philistine camp has turned to such chaos that Saul decides to simply charge in. I believe that he should have waited on God.  At the same time the confusion was so great that the Philistines were fighting against themselves, and the Hebrews that they captured as slaves were revolting.  In the end of the battle Israel wins but it wasn't by the small force that Saul commanded but by God.  

Today's workout. Cardio 30 intervals. Step, grapevine, windmill, step over, climber.

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