Tuesday, April 12, 2016

April 12, 1 Samuel 25:1

April 12, 1 Samuel 25:1

Samuel has died and he gets one line as an obit.  I hope that doesn’t happen to me.  Of course there is more than what’s written here.  Traditionally Israel would mourn for seven to thirty days depending on many factors.  I couldn’t find any specifics on how long they mourned for Samuel, I would hope it was thirty days.
Samuel influenced Israel across a wide spectrum, it was he that established schools for training of scribes and prophets, although today we would call them pastors and teachers.  The biblical translation of prophet could simply mean preacher.  He associated with kings and beggars, Samuel touched thousands in his life, I’ve known a few people that I can say the same for.  Recently lost a dear brother who did just that and at his memorial there was a packed house.  Not all of us will touch that many but we can all strive to touch one each day.  May our obituaries read more than we lived and died and were buried, but that we lived, we touched people for God and we’ve gone to be with Him.

Today's workout, pull 30 intervals. step, row, jump rope, bicep curl, climber, hamstring curl.

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