Tuesday, April 19, 2016

April 19, 1 Samuel 28:1-7

April 19, 1 Samuel 28:1-7

There's a lot happening in these seven verses.  David has been living with the Philistines for 16 months, he's established a new reputation with the king although it's fake.  And now David is faced with a major problem, the king wants him to fight against Israel.  David gives an ambiguous answer, you will see what your servant will do. A good answer, he doesn't commit himself and if needed can wreak havoc from within the Philistine army.  In the mean time Saul is seeking a word from God but God left him.  And we also see that Saul's heart isn't really on God, he just wants to know his future. Like so many people today reading horoscopes and looking for mediums.  It's demonic and God forbid it.  None the less Saul seeks out the witch of Endor. 

Today's workout, pull 30 intervals. step, row, jump rope, bicep curl, climber, hamstring curl.

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