Wednesday, April 20, 2016

April 20, 1 Samuel 28:8-14

April 20, 1 Samuel 28:8-14

Saul is an example here of a leader who feels above the law, that his actions, while for “the greater good” are justified no matter what.  That attitude has been a trait for dictators through history, it's also a trait in our current government.  The attitude that those who govern know better than those who are governed.  Occasionally people will wonder if mediums or fortune tellers or seances are real. They are real in sense, I believe that the medium is contacting a demon, they may not realize its a demon and actually believe it's the person they are looking for.  In this case I think the witch was expecting a familiar spirit and when she actually contacted Samuel she was scared. So does this mean that people can contact the dead? NO!  Any form of witchcraft or divination is an abomination before God.  God allowed the spirit of Samuel to go to Saul for His purpose, in no way does He condone the actions.

Today's workout, 30 intervals cardio.  Squat, step over, climber, windmill, jump rope.

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