Thursday, April 21, 2016

April 21, 1 Samuel 28:15-23

April 21, 1 Samuel 28:15-23

Saul had a specific problem through his life as king, do you notice what it is?  He didn't go to God, he went to Samuel.  Samuel asks him, why do you ask me since God has turned away from you. Although I think that sentence should read that you have turned away from God.  I believe that right up till this point Saul still had a choice, turn to God.  It may have been too late for his kingdom but not for his soul. In the Old Testament, under the Law, there was a priest between God and man yet salvation is and has always been by faith in Christ.  Anyone, regardless of the time, who believes in the Lord's Christ can go directly to God.  David did, so did Abraham, Moses and Daniel. The only difference today is that we Christians know who that Christ is. We may go directly to God through Jesus.

Today's workout 30 intervals push. High knees, push up, windmill, goblet squat, jump rope, tricep extensions.

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