Monday, April 25, 2016

April 25, 1 Samuel 30:16-31

April 25, 1 Samuel 30:16-31

David makes war against the Amalikites and again we see the contrast in how David wages war, except for the few that escape on camels, he kills everyone.  I do wonder if the captive Jews started fighting too, that would cause some havoc.  Greed surfaces in those who fought, it comes up in all of us at times, along with self-righteousness.  Even though some could not continue, the text also indicates that they guarded the area and kept the baggage. They are still a part of the whole and are entitled to their portion. That concept should carry over to anything we do.  

Today's workout, cardio 30 intervals.  High knees, grapevine, squat, jump rope, windmill.

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