Wednesday, April 13, 2016

So sorry we can't chat but I hate phones.

Someone mentioned something Monday evening that initially I was going to blow off but as I've thought more about it I decided to write it on the blog. Having been chosen as rector for the spring Via De Cristo weekend I had a task to find 30 or so men eligible and willing to serve. This meant a LOT of phone calls. Apparently in the course of these calls I upset someone because I was blunt and to the point. I wasn't calling to chat (more on that in a minute), I called with a specific purpose and if that purpose couldn't be met then we had noting left to talk about. So why do I hate phones? Well for me the phone represents bad news. I'm not really anti social but not very outgoing either. For years I joked that no-one ever calls me unless something is broke. That's become more and more real in the last several years. In fact about the only time my phone rings now is when someone has died, had an accident or broke something. Last January (2015)I had to turn it off for two days because I just couldn't handle the calls. So today I associate the phone with bad stuff, when it rings my first reaction is dread. Because of this I rarely call anyone, my family included, I can't stress enough just how much I hate phones. But they are necessary and something I need to work through. So if I irritated someone for not chatting, you should know that while we were speaking I was fighting down nausea. Have a great day!

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