Tuesday, May 10, 2016

May 10, II Samuel 6:1-15

May 10, II Samuel 6:1-15

David is bringing the ark of God's covenant back to Jerusalem and in the process Uzzah touches the ark and he is killed.  I've heard several sermons preached on this and here's what I've learned, no-one has all of the answers.  It is a fact that God told Israel no-one is to touch the ark except the Levites who carry and maintain it and when it is carried they are to use staves through the carrying rings.  So in essence I understand why Uzzah died but how did the Philistines touch it to steal it?  How was it moved from place to place before David came?  How did they get it on the cart?  Questions that will someday be answered at home but I do have a possible theory, mind you it is simply my theory.  What if the reason the Philistines were able to capture it is because in Saul's and Israel's disobedience the holy spirit left but now as David and his people restore the ark with praise and worship the holy spirit has returned?  Just a thought, maybe if we concentrate on praise and worship instead of political social issues the holy spirit will come here too.

Today's workout back-biceps intervals.  Step, total gym pull up, windmill, row, jump rope, biceps curl.

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