Wednesday, May 11, 2016

May 11, II Samuel 6:16-23

May 11, II Samuel 6:16-23

Looking a bit more at the character of Michal today, we only see her a few times but we can gleam some insight from various contexts.  When we first hear of her Saul wants to get rid of her and make a snare for David.  I think she at first was an infatuated teen idolizing a victorious soldier returning form battles, quite a romantic.  But I also think for Saul she was a spoiled princess.  Avid kills 100 Philistines to win her and that simply makes the endearment greater but then David leaves.  Michal is then treated as simply a tool for personal and political gain.  Fourteen years later David wants her back, just because it helps his cause.
That's a long time, we don't know what Michal thought about this but i'd imagine all of this politicking would make someone bitter.  Now the day has come when David becomes king, Michal isn't a princess anymore, she's a queen.  She's back in familiar territory, being treated as royalty, I picture her as a snob, primarily focused on her position and making sure everyone knows it.  Now enters the king David, he's not dressed as  king with flowing robes, in fact he may only be wearing a loincloth, clothing 3000 years ago wasn't much.  So Michal is embarrassed by his actions, but David understood something that most people don't, God is the ultimate ruler and we're insignificant, we only occupy a small segment of time and God is eternal. David wasn't concerned with impressing the masses, just in worshiping God.  

Today's workout. Leg intervals. High knees, step up on bench Left leg, jump rope, step up on bench right leg, climber, glute-ham bridge, windmill, goblet squat.

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