Thursday, May 12, 2016

May 12, II Samuel 7:1-17

May 12, II Samuel 7:1-17

David wants to build a house for God's ark, he compares the mansion in which he dwells to the tent where the ark is kept.  But the tent was a special representation of a temporary dwelling place.  In John's gospel when he says the word became flesh and dwelt among us, it can be translated as pitched his tent.  Our bodies are a temporary dwelling place, a tent for our spirit and just as the ark was in a tent, God wants the message of His covenant to be in our tents and carried around, not stuck in some building.  God extends His promise to David and his family to be established forever.  Although it's not stated here, in 1 Chronicles 22 we learn that David can't build a house for God because of all the blood he's shed as a warrior.  The prophecies here pertain to Solomon and to Christ who will be a descendant of David.

Today's workout, Chest shoulders intervals.  High knees, push up, climbers, Y, jump rope, bench dip.

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