Friday, May 13, 2016

May 13, II Samuel 7:18-29

May 13, II Samuel 7:18-29

God has made a promise to David and his family to come and David is excited.  He prays with thanksgiving, with expectation, acknowledging God and who He is.  He remembers what God did for Israel.
That's always an anchor for the Jewish people, the heritage and deliverance of Israel from Egypt.  The gift of Torah, the times that Israel strayed away and God redeemed them.  We all need some sort of anchor, some event where only God could have redeemed or rescued us.  Something to hold on to when times are tough and something in which we can continuously give Him praise.

Today's workout. 5 sets each 8-12 reps. Back biceps traditional.
Pull down, row, total gym breast stroke, dumb bell bicep curl.  

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