Wednesday, May 18, 2016

May 18, II Samuel 11:1-5

May 18, II Samuel 11:1-5

Now here's a familiar story, it's the beginning of the end of David's kingdom.  We start out with kings going to war, many preachers say that David should have lead his forces but there are more things for a king or any ruler to do than go to war.  That's what generals are for.  I think that first sentence is to show us that many of David's closer advisors are out of town, perhaps if one or two of them had been around they might have slapped him up side the head for even thinking about Bathsheba.  And let's also look at Bathsheba, could she see the king from where she was bathing?  Did she know that he'd be there?  Was this the first time?  Make no mistake, what David dis was totally wrong but I sometimes wonder if the lady had a plan too.  There is nothing in the scriptures to tell us how willing or unwilling she was, perhaps she was overwhelmed because David was the king, and perhaps she was manipulating  the king.  We know that David has a weakness for ladies, he has at least 7 wives at this time and concubines, just something to think about.

Today's workout, Leg intervals. High knees, step up on bench Left leg, jump rope, step up on bench right leg, climber, glute-ham bridge, windmill, goblet squat.

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