Friday, May 20, 2016

May 20, II Samuel 12;1-6

May 20, II Samuel 12;1-6

Nathan tells this story to David and David doesn't get that he's the main character.  We're all like that, we do something real stupid and when addressed about can't see the correlation. David's response is anger and a certain amount of self righteousness,  he says that this man deserves to die, yet under the law stealing a sheep is not a capital offense, restoring it fourfold is the restitution.  But in David's case it wasn't actually a lamb. The reality is that David and Bathsheba could have been stoned if there were two witnesses who could take it to the priest.  And that's a key issue, non-believers use this incident to say that God does not equally dispense justice but people work under the law. There probably were at least two witnesses, why they didn't come to the priest is unknown but that was the law. If God Himself dispensed justice, without the human element and the law then we'd all be dead.  David was also guilty of Uriah's death, we know that Joab was complicit and he could have testified against David although he himself would also be guilty.  

Today's workout.  Back biceps 5 sets each 8-12 reps.
Pull down, row, total gym breast stroke, dumb bell bicep curl.  

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