Sunday, May 22, 2016

May 22, II Samuel 12:15-21

May 22, II Samuel 12:15-21

First look at the death of David and Bathsheba's son.  Some feel that God is cruel for killing the child, an innocent in all of this.  Consider that this child will go straight to the arms of God and never know sorrow or pain, as to the death or suffering of innocents, that happens daily and it's not God's fault.  Every day all over the world someone suffers because of the sins of another.  An assembly line worker misses a part or puts something together wrong and it breaks but they're not affected.  Someone driving home is hit by a texting driver. A child is born a drug addict because of it's mother.  We can't blame God for these things, it is the fallen state of man. We seldom consider how our daily actions affect others but they do.  David is practical, after the death of his son he gets up and goes back about his regular life.  There is nothing more that he can do, his heart is grieved and he shows repentance.  I do wonder though if perhaps he should have stopped relations with Bathsheba, not divorced her that would be cruel.  He had multiple wives which cause problems but she was central to his troubles.  I look at her as alcohol to an alcoholic, something that should be avoided.  But that's just an opinion.  The union brings Solomon who began as a great king and was considered the wisest man who lived, although I sometimes wonder how such a wise man could have multiple wives. Which brings up a favorite quote; “there's nothing dumber than a man with an erection”.  This last section seems out of place for this chapter, Joab lays siege to Rabbah and captures part of the city but calls David up to finish the job.

Today's workout, Legs, 5 sets 8-12 reps. Hamstring curls, leg extension, leg press, walking lunges.

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