Tuesday, May 24, 2016

May 24, II Samuel 13:23-39

May 24, II Samuel 13:23-39

Absolom holds this grudge for two years, which may seem like a lot but I know people holding grudges for much longer.  These things fester over time and can really become a burden. Absolom is having a grand party, he has a lot of mature sheep and wool to shear and it was the custom to invite the family and neighbors to the celebration.  As we're told about the grudge I wonder if this was a long term plan, to save sheep and cultivate for these two years for just such an occasion.  His persistence to David for the king and all of his brothers to attend could easily be dismissed as he really wants his family to be there, especially Amnon as Amnon was the eldest and most likely the next king. So the plot is laid and Absolom enlists his servants to actually do the killing.  Disturbing on both the asking and the willingness to comply.  So now Absolom is in a self imposed exile in Talmai and his father David mourns the loss of two sons. None of this can ever be actually fixed, there will always be something between David and Absolom but the damage could be stopped here if they would try to reestablish a relationship. This idea still rings true today, so many families are torn by past actions and remain so because neither party is willing to try making peace or restitution.

Today's workout, back-biceps intervals.  Step, total gym or strap pull up, windmill, row, jump rope, biceps curl.

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