Wednesday, May 25, 2016

May 25, II Samuel 14:1-24

May 25, II Samuel 14:1-24

Joab was a good friend to David, he understood how David grieved for the seperation between himself and Absolom so Joab conspired this strange plot to bring them back together.  The method seems a bit extreme to me but the concept is laudable.  Everyone should have a friend like Joab, one who understands your moods and attitude to help when and where needed.  It's a rare gift to have one, if you do then cherish the relationship.  The only problem though is that David stops short of fully reconciling, Absolom can come back to Jerusalem, back home but the separation still exists. Forgiveness is an all or nothing attitude, if I can't forgive fully then I'm not really forgiving at all. One of best examples today are the church members who forgave the man who shot and killed their family members.  It's hard to do and it's not a natural human thing, it comes only from God.  It's been said, and I'm not sure who it was originally, that man can only truly forgive when he understands how God has forgiven him.  

Today's workout. Leg intervals. High knees, step up on bench Left leg, jump rope, step up on bench right leg, climber, glute-ham bridge, windmill, goblet squat.

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