Tuesday, May 31, 2016

May 31, II Samuel 17:1-14

May 31, II Samuel 17:1-14

We don't know why Absolom decided to usurp the throne, we can surmise that he was influenced by the friends he had, it's so important to hang out with good people.  His chief advisor actually has a decent plan, using what could be an overwhelming force the people with David might be discouraged and leave him, we saw this so many times with Israel wanting to leave or remove Moses.  But there is a battle that we don't see, forces of good and evil at work,  Ahithophel being the evil and Hushi the good.
In this case the good prevails, although not always. No matter the outcome of the individual battles, all battles are God's and He will ultimately be victorious.

Today's workout. back-biceps intervals.  Step, total gym or strap pull up, windmill, row, jump rope, biceps curl.

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