Friday, May 6, 2016

May 6, II Samuel 3:26-39

May 6, II Samuel 3:26-39

The quote is attributed to Lord Acton that power corrupts but I sometimes wonder if that might be the other way around.  Perhaps the corrupt people seek out positions of power and because of their disposition they are ruthless in acquiring power.  And maybe a mix of both. In today's reading we see Abner and Joab, both men with a significant amount of power.  I believe that Abner was corrupt and totally self centered, Joab I just don't know enough about.  But what Joab did was wrong.  He murdered Abner, premeditated, cold-blooded murder, and the reasons are not real clear, on the surface it could be revenge for his brother, it could also be because Joab did not trust Abner, and it could be fear that David would accept Abner as a commander or the new commander of his armies.  Maybe a little revenge and maybe a little insecurity. While the motivation may not be clear the end results speaks volumes.  Joab had influence and a certain value to David, if he didn't his actions would have meant a death penalty.  Politics play a part in so many lives, even for David who is revered as Israel's greatest king. David mourns for Abner, perhaps for the man or perhaps because this man proposed a way to unite Israel. Yet he keeps Joab around and in power because he is useful to David. Through history justice has not been equal among the common and the wealthy or powerful. These stories are history, the actions are not always sanctioned by God but recorded for us to learn.  Judging by our own histories we haven't learned much yet.

Today's workout Back biceps traditional. 5 sets 10-15 reps
Pull down, row, total gym breast stroke, dumb bell bicep curl.  

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