Monday, May 9, 2016

May 9, II Samuel 5:17-25

May 9, II Samuel 5:17-25

Much of Israel was occupied by the Philistines when David became king.  It appears that they were afraid because now the nation was united behind one ruler and they decide to attack David.  To his credit he calls first upon God before going to battle.  There is a principle here that when God establishes any person in a leadership position, agents of evil will join in an attempt to stop him.  As long as that person relies wholly on God, then God can never be defeated.  The men of David's army take the idols of the Philistines, sort of a retribution for Israel losing the Ark in battle.  I think it a mistake to take them, rather they should have destroyed them.  Knowing the history of the people there the images can be a snare and bring some back to idol worship.  Look at verses 22-25, God says to go behind the trees and wait for the sound in the branches.  Sort of like Jesus telling His disciples to wait for the holy spirit.  Always wait for God to move first. 

Today's workout. 5 set 10-15 res. Push up, dumb bell shrugs, strap hugs, dumb bell shoulder press, lateral raise with resistance band.

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