Tuesday, June 14, 2016

It's not about Islam or gays or guns

It was lunch time Sunday when we learned about the shooting, at least when I did and several others who were working at camp. As I read a news report aloud which said a Muslim man named Omar Mateen killed at least 50 people someone said there was nothing to indicate it was religiously motivated. Then a statement that all religions were the same, and someone else yelled loudly for everyone to shut up about it. I left the dining hall at that as I knew there was nothing to be gained from the ensuing arguments. In the past two days I've heard so much from so many people and they all miss the point. Some are blaming ISIS, some are blaming Omar, some blaming the FBI for missing something, and our own society for being intolerant. I've heard people advocating for more carrying guns and some for extreme gun control. Some are complaining that we pay attention to this and babies are killed in abortions daily, others compare this to massacres in or history but still we've got it wrong. It's not about any of these things these are symptoms of a bigger problem. The enemy of humanity is pushing all of our hot buttons, doing all that he can to cause distress. And it's working, families and friends are fighting, church members are fighting, the news media is having a feeding frenzy playing all sides against each other but all this does is perpetuate the problem. All of the debates and blaming won't solve the problem, you want a solution? It's simple, stop focusing on the symptoms, stop arguing and do two things, love God and love your neighbor. That's it and it starts with me and you. If the people who profess to be Christians would do this things will change, until that time comes things will just get worse.

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