Friday, June 10, 2016

June 10, II Samuel 22

June 10, II Samuel 22

This song that David sings is Psalm 18, parts are about God delivering him and parts are a prophecy about the messiah. It's believed that he wrote this after being delivered from Saul in at least one battle.
Interesting that we can find it easy to sing God's praises after the troubles are over, not so much in the midst of them.  That's still true today, we tend to say how great God is when we get the job we wanted or when life is up, is god not great when we feel like crap?  I get that, it's hard to sing praise songs when we're down.  Through this whole song David sings of the great things God has done and in verse 30 he says that for this I will praise you. God is God, we can't even begin to comprehend what that really means, He is conscious of every molecule at every second of every day.  He speaks and it happens.  The worlds exist simply because God wants them to.  Praise God simply because He is God. 

Friday Back biceps 5 sets 812 reps
Pull down, row, total gym breast stroke, dumb bell bicep curl.  

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