Thursday, June 16, 2016

June 16, Joel 1:13-20

June 16, Joel 1:13-20

This second half is a picture of a land that was once great now impoverished.  The priests lament from a lack of worshipers,  offerings and prayers are not being made.  He calls for an assembly of the elders to put aside the carnal things and return to worship.  Wouldn't that be something today for Christians to put away the carnal and worship?  And as the people have neglected God the land suffers, crops die in the field and the livestock can't find enough to eat.  In this case he's looking for an eminent judgment from God, sometimes I expect the same but pray we'll wake up before that.

Today's workout. Chest shoulders intervals. 
High knees, push up, climbers, Y, jump rope, bench dip.

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