Friday, June 17, 2016

June 17, Joel 2:1-11

June 17, Joel 2:1-11

Sound the alarm for an enemy is invading the land, it's army is so large it can not be compared to any other in history nor will it be again.  Whatever is before it will be destroyed, like a fire it consumes, like locusts it devours all in it's path. This can refer to any number of armies, it could be a reference to the locusts of the last chapter, perhaps the impending Babylonian captivity or maybe something else.  Today I would say this army is humanism, it's the carnal man who wants nothing to do with God.  He has a vast army crossing the globe and he is at war with God and God's people.  The humanist says there is no God for if there is then man is responsible to someone other than himself.  The weapons of this war are subtle, small changes in society and attitudes that eventually destroy.  People have been sounding this trumpet for decades a few have heeded the warning.  Verse 11 is encouraging, God still has His army and in his time He will execute judgment.

Today's workout, back-biceps intervals. High knees, pull up, windmill, row, climbers, bicep curl

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