Thursday, June 2, 2016

June 2, II Samuel 18:1-18

June 2, II Samuel 18:1-18

This is really a sad time in Israel's history, a civil war and at the heart of it all is a father and son.  We tend to not think about people's ages in some of these stories, David sends out his forces and his commanders tell him to stay behind.  Two reasons I can think of, first he may have to actually fight against his son and that wouldn't be good. Secondly he's old, probably around 65 and for the last 5-8 years he's been a sedentary adult. Not to insult seniors out there but there are few 65 year olds that can keep up with 25 year olds.  War is a senseless thing, but make no mistake there are reasons to defend oneself.  In this battle more than 20,000 die and they are all related to each other, and the battle ends with the death of Absolom.

Today's workout.  Chest shoulders intervals.  
High knees, push up, climbers, Y, jump rope, bench dip.

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