Sunday, June 26, 2016

June 26, I Kings 1:11-27

June 26, I Kings 1:11-27

Modern soap operas can't even compete with the intrigue and deceit in the bible.  Adonijah has set himself up as king.  Bathsheba is seeking that position for her son, Nathan's motives aren't clear but they come together with a story of part truths. Nathan warns Bathsheba that her life and Solomon's were in danger, possibly true as it wasn't uncommon for siblings to kill off any contesting heirs.  I still believe that the whole relationship with Bathsheba and David was contrived by her, bathing in a place where he could easily see her, which lead to their affair and placed her in a position of power. She appears to be a manipulating woman who is accustomed to get her way.  So now picture this, David is old, probably around 70, which today may not seem that old but then it was.  Bathsheba goes to him and he's being attended by Abishag.  We don't know exactly what this means but use your imagination, Abishag was selected to attend to the king in an effort to stimulate him.  She's a beautiful young woman, Bathsheba is at least 50, Abishag might be 20,  that's got to set Bathsheba on edge. Although the logical succession would be the eldest son the traditions of the day allowed the king to name his successor, even a non relative could be named heir, so until the king himself actually proclaimed who would reign the position is up for grabs. 

Leg workout today.  5 sets 8-12 reps
Leg curl, leg extension, dumb bell squat, walking lunges, leg press.

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