Tuesday, June 28, 2016

June 28, I Kings 1:41-53

June 28, I Kings 1:41-53

Adonijah receives word that solomon has been made king in such a way that it cannot be disputed and he and his followers have an oh snap moment.  We all know what it's like, we're doing something that we shouldn't, we know deep down that it's wrong, but we do it anyway.  Maybe the potential gains seem to be great but the risk is greater.  Everyone scatters and there is a great picture of salvation and grace, Adonijah runs to the altar, that's the best place to run when we screw stuff up, run to the altar.  There was a long standing tradition that the altar, and specifically the horns of the altar were a place of sanctuary.  Adonijah is in fear of his life, as stated before so many times a succeeding monarch would eliminate any challengers by killing off his siblings.  But Solomon gives grace, what a great picture we have of God's salvation, run to the altar, the only place of true refuge, admit your guilt, and receive from Him alone the grace to live.

Today's workout, back-biceps intervals.
Step, total gym or strap pull up, windmill, row, jump rope, biceps curl.

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