Thursday, June 30, 2016

June 30, I Kings 2:10-25

June 30, I Kings 2:10-25

David is now dead and Solomon is firmly on the throne yet still there are plots and intrigue.  Adonijah tries to maneuver around Solomon through Bathsheba.  I think Bathsheba was a very smart woman, one quite familiar with manipulations and manipulating people.  The request for David's concubine would have strengthened Adonijah's claim to the throne, he may have been planning a civil war or some action against Solomon.  I don't know why Bathsheba did as she did, she had to understand what was happening.  Perhaps she expected Solomon to act as he did and kill his half brother.  And based on what we know here, Solomon needed to take some action or he would forever need to watch Adonijah closely.

Today's workout.   Chest shoulders intervals.  
High knees, push up, climbers, Y, jump rope, bench dip.

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