Tuesday, June 7, 2016

June 7, II Samuel 20

June 7, II Samuel 20

More murder and intrigue, one can read this and draw so many parallels to our modern day.  Man's nature has not and will not change on its own accord.  Right after the rebellion of Absalom this man Sheba starts another, we know little about him except that he was of Benjamin, the same tribe as Saul. Perhaps that was his motive.  He calls for the tribes of Israel to break apart and rule themselves.  I find it interesting that after Solomon the nation will separate into two kingdoms, Judah in the south and the others in the north and this is what's happened here, all the other tribes have left Judah.  We don't know why Joab killed Amasa, some think he was rebelling also and defecting to Sheba, others that Joab was angry because David took command from him and gave it to Amasa.  The reasons aren't so important, it's the attitudes.  All of these people fighting and dieing because men are seeking personal gain and glory.  That attitude too hasn't changed.

Today's workout. back-biceps intervals.  Step, total gym or strap pull up, windmill, row, jump rope, biceps curl.

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