Wednesday, June 8, 2016

June 8, II Samuel 21:1-14

June 8, II Samuel 21:1-14

There was a covenant in Joshua 9 between Israel and the Gibeonites, Saul broke that covenant and God wants David to make amends. The human sacrifice was not God's idea, I don't know why David asked them what they wanted instead of asking God what He wanted.  There are things that cant be made equal, and repentance is not what we do but the status of our hearts.  I believe God was grieved by the whole thing yet there was repentance and forgiveness between Israel and the Gibeonites. 

Today's workout.  Leg intervals. High knees, step up on bench Left leg, jump rope, step up on bench right leg, climber, glute-ham bridge, windmill, goblet squat.

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