Friday, July 15, 2016

July 15, I Kings 8:54-66

July 15, I Kings 8:54-66

Solomon finishes his prayer and note his position, he knelt humbly before God's altar with his hands raised.  The king of Israel humbled himself before God and in view of the people.  I think that's significant, I can't imagine any current political leader who would humble themselves in front of any audience.  Pride and arrogance are the greatest sins, they are what keep us from God.  Steve Brown said on several broadcasts that it's not our sin that separates us from God but our stiffness. God called Israel a stiff necked people several times and today people are no different.  The path to a relationship with the only real God is not through ritual, it's through humility.

Today's workout, chest-shoulders intervals,
high knees, push up, box hop, bench dip, jump rope, hug, windmill, db shoulder press.

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