Saturday, July 16, 2016

July 16, I Kings 9:1-12

July 16, I Kings 9:1-12

God speaks to Solomon and things seem pretty straight forward.  If you and the people do what they are supposed to do then Israel will remain powerful forever.  God even defines what it will take for Him to cut off Israel, if you worship idols.  I can almost understand for someone who has never known God to worship idols but for any person who has acknowledged and seen the works and wonders of God to turn back to idols boggles the mind.  All of creation screams out that it was made with a purpose by a creator. The only reason to not recognize this is to acknowledge that I am not in charge, that's pride and again stiff neckedness.  While we can't take the promises from God to Israel and apply them universally, we can take some basic principles, life is typically better when we do as God says. Love God first, then love your neighbors. 

Today's workout. no-equipment cardio intervals.
Squat, climber, windmill, side lunge, jacks.

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