Saturday, July 23, 2016

July 23, I Kings 12:1-15

July 23, I Kings 12:1-15

We need a little background on Rehoboam.  Many commentaries believe that he was Solomon's only son and that Solomon spent little time with him.  We can see from his character an example of how a father is important in a child's development.  The scripture tells us that God used Rehoboam for His purpose to divide Israel.  This doesn't mean that God gave this man a selfish and foolish attitude, his family and social influences did that. God  simply used Rehoboam for His purpose.  Perhaps had Solomon remained faithful to God and actually raised his son in that way Israel would not have been divided.

Today's workout. no – equip cardio 30 intervals and 1 mile jog  
Squat, climber, windmill, side lunge, jacks.

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