Monday, July 25, 2016

July 25, I Kings 12:25-33

July 25, I Kings 12:25-33

Jeroboam is a typical political leader, he thinks that he is in charge and that he can solve all social problems.  He does some very foolish things.  This is a man who received a word from God with specific instructions and a promise, walk in my ways and I will take care of everything else.  But like most men he decided to do it himself.  Israel has three pilgrimage feasts where all men are to go to the temple.  During these times there is a lot of money coming into Jerusalem.  As a capitalist, Jeroboam tries to do something similar and makes himself templee but he puts idols in them. One word, stupid.  

Today's workout, back biceps intervals. 
Step up, pull up, burpee, biceps curl, jump rope, row, windmill, T.

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