Wednesday, July 27, 2016

July 27, I Kings 13:11-34

July 27, I Kings 13:11-34

The story of these two prophets has several lessons but I'll look at simply obedience.  For the purpose of a little clarity I'll call the two men Mike and Ike.  Mike is the prophet sent from Jerusalem with a message for Jeroboam.  We don't know exactly how God spoke to Mike, 
it may have been through a different prophet but I believe that God spoke directly to him.
Now we have Ike, a man who was also a prophet, perhaps God spoke to him some time ago and he longed for that again.  His motives are not clear.  The story doesn't indicate that he intentionally lied to Mike, it's quite possible that some agent appearing to be an angel told Ike to go get Mike. The problem comes from Mike not doing what he was first told.  He trusted God enough to confront Jeroboam, who could have killed him. God spoke to this man in a specific way, if God wants to change things He will speak again in the same way.  He knew that what he was doing was wrong but didn't ask God first and still did it.  So many times in life we're invited to do something that seems innocent, certainly not an evil act or sin yet deep inside we know that we shouldn't do it yet still we do.  Paul said it best ' Oh wretched man that I am'.  Be certain of what God has said and be certain of any source, just because a man or woman claims to be sent by God is no proof that they are.

Today's workout, no – equip cardio 30 intervals and 1 mile jog  
Squat, climber, windmill, side lunge, jacks.

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