Thursday, July 28, 2016

July 28, I Kings 14:1-17

July 28, I Kings 14:1-17

Jeroboam knows what he should do but won't do it.  He knows that he's sinned against God, but won't go to God.  He himself won't even go to the prophet that anointed him king so he sends his wife.  Now doesn't this seem foolish?  This man is a prophet of God, can anyone really fool a true prophet?  The pronouncement on Jeroboam's family seems harsh but God has given him so many chances.  This is a man who was raised up to be king, whose hand was lamed and healed by God but still will not repent.  In verse 9 God says that Jeroboam has done evil above all who were before him, that's a lot of evil and evil will bring judgment.
Yet I believe that as Jeroboam's wife is going back to her husband, should he take this prophecy to heart and truly repent things would change. But Jeroboam has committed the only unforgivable sin, he's hardened his heart to the point where he will not ask for forgiveness.

Today's workout. back biceps intervals. 
Step up, pull up, burpee, biceps curl, jump rope, row, windmill, T.

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