Friday, July 8, 2016

July 8, I Kings 6:1-7

July 8, I Kings 6:1-7

Solomon builds the temple which was very big, with a lot of pieces.  Something I find intriguing is that all of the pieces were made off site yet the went together without more tooling.  As a precision machinist  I'm impressed by this.  I make a lot of parts with very close tolerances, all it takes is for a few parts to be out just a little and the whole part doesn't fit together.  All of these stones and boards needed to be worked to fairly precise measurements to come together.  What plans did they have?  Some sort of blueprint or mechanical drawing?  What did they measure with?  In the modern world cutting straight lines and drilling holes is an easy task, they had no laser levels, no twist drills, they built this with tools made from iron. 

Today's workout. chest-shoulders intervals. 
High knees, push up, box hop, bench dip, jump rope, hug, windmill, db shoulder press.

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